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This is a new venture for us.
In the following weeks, months and years, we intend to put our
public image and NOT so "public image" on display
for the world to see. So Drop in and visit a spell.

If you are a long lost relative and have money.....
please contact us immediately.

If you don't have money and think your long lost relatives have some ....
Dream on.... 
we were born poor, will probably die poor
 and what else we've earned we've already spent!

But - - - you're welcome to check in and tell us
who and where you are (anyway).

If you have any information on our heritage,
we welcome all contributions.
You can easily contact us by sending an email to the below address.

Please Email me

PHOTOS of the July 15, 2001
Waldron Clan Family Reunion. 

VIEW ON LINE Photos from the July 15, 2001 Family Reunion at Lake Bistineau Park

While it is not "Free", The (Above) Picture Gallery was created with a program called AutoSite gallery
 which can be downloaded Here:

DOWNLOAD Photos from the July 15, 2001 Family Reunion at Lake Bistineau Park

Once you get to the Photo Directory, RIGHT CLICK on a photo to download it to YOUR computer.

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Here's some work Stuart Waldron has done on the Waldron Family Tree
Excuse the ''Formatting'' -
I'll fix it up when I get time.

If you wish to download a copy of these files
RIGHT Click on one of the filenames and then choose
''Save Link As'' - and then save it to your hard drive.

Final stuff

If you are a ''Waldron'' and would like to furnish us your website address
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We are not able to host other relatives webpages, but people like AT&T, Bellsouth, AOL etc 
have ''free'' websites for their existing customers.

Thanks for stopping by :)

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